Avnet SolutionsPath®

Are you an experienced reseller partner, seeking for ways to overcome the numerous business challenges many partners are facing today, such as declining margins, economic recession and disruptive new technologies like Cloud Computing?

A solutions-approach to selling technology and services that are aligned in the right growth markets can help partners overcome these growth barriers, enabling you to retain and recruit customers profitably and shift your product mix with higher-margin solutions.

The resulting shift in the customer relationships from a “reactive” to a “proactive” engagement, which is supported by a deeper understanding of how to map customer pains into solution areas and the resulting products and services, is the key enabler to advancing your customer retention and acquisition efforts.

Avnet SolutionsPath® is a proven methodology to help partners quickly and cost-effectively attain solution-selling specialisation and profit from high-growth technology and market opportunities. It is about providing you with the tools, education and resources necessary to achieve success in new and emerging markets. SolutionsPath is recognized by industry analysts, as an innovative way to achieve this capability:

Avnet Technology Solutions stands out as a “poster child” for innovation in the IT distribution market with Avnet SolutionsPath, a methodology designed by Avnet to help partners achieve solution-selling specialization in high-growth vertical and technology markets.

Source: IDC Insight January 2009, Never Say Never: Avnet Differentiating in IT Distribution.

Avnet has carefully selected target technology and vertical markets to invest in because of the high IT spend and relevancy to our partners’ capabilities. By aligning your business strategy to these select markets, and leveraging Avnet’s extensive portfolio of enablement offerings and expertise, partners are able to position high-demand, high-margin technology solutions into high-growth vertical markets, ultimately meeting the unique needs of your customers.

A key portion of the SolutionsPath methodology is the “SolutionsPath University”, which is a 2-3 day training course, focused on enabling you to more effectively position and sell, using a solutions approach. The University session will be the outcome of a consultative engagement between Avnet team members and your organization, in order to identify which solution areas to develop, as a best fit to your organization’s and staff’s expertise and background, and your future growth goals.

Avnet will leverage on experienced trainers from across Avnet internal, vendor, and external consultant sources, to ensure that your time is most effectively used, and a highest value education is imparted your team. The materials used for the class are the outcome of a focused effort to distil the expertise of Avnet, and our vision of the current state of the market, along with future trends and directions, into a classroom format. As a truly global organization, Avnet also ensures we deliver what is relevant to the region and country; leveraging on both global knowledge, and local understanding.

Past attendees of SolutionsPath University have had great feedback on the classes:

For just about every other vendor/training course I've attended, the technical content has been overshadowing the sales component. This was a much better mix and really helped lifting the selling from IT to C level.

Put a bit more thought into how to present solutions to potential customers, and develop better relationships with existing customers.

Tailored to … solutions not product training. Good combination of technology & selling.

SolutionsPath University classes are available across the world, in many different solution areas. Be sure to talk to your Avnet representative, or review the SolutionsPath home page at:

Avnet’s SolutionsPath®


Avnet Key Facts

  • Exchange: NYSE
  • Founded: 1921 (by Charles Avnet)
  • CEO: Bill Amelio
  • Global Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Ranked #102 on the FORTUNE 500 in 2016
  • Named to the FORTUNE “World’s Most Admired Companies®” 2016 list, 10th year in a row
  • 100,000+ customers worldwide
  • 18,000+ employees
  • 800+ suppliers
  • 300+ locations


Why Choose Avnet?

  • Deliver complete solutions from leading technology suppliers
  • Leverage market leading services to augment your own capabilities
  •  Receive the right combination of education and training to move your business forward
  • Enter markets faster – with less upfront investment